Simply be perfect with RUF Toning Care Milks

18 Mar 2022

RUF has developed a range of care milks to maintain, firm, tone and moisturize the buttocks, breasts and penis.

PERFECT BREAST + is a beauty milk for the bust with moisturizing and toning actions. This non-greasy milk helps to maintain the skin's elasticity and tone. The plant extracts in this cream combined with hydrolyzed elastin are highly recommended to preserve the delicate epidermis of the breasts and their curves. Witch hazel floral water and sweet almond oil have purifying, anti-inflammatory, calming and moisturizing properties. Hop extract tones and repairs fragile skin. A daily massage and moisturizing of the breasts contributes to the good maintenance of the skin and allows to have firm and well-formed breasts. Also moisturizing your skin slows down its aging and will therefore allow you to keep young people longer.
The massage of the breasts should ideally be done daily (rather after the shower so that the principles of the oils penetrate better). You will thus be able to tone up your breasts, embellish their shape, boost the circulation, or decongest your breasts. Below are some massage techniques for the maintenance of the breasts:
The effleurage: It consists in applying the milk on your breasts, from bottom to top, from the base of the breasts to the collarbone. This gesture allows you to gently
touch your breasts Lymph drainage: place your fingers on the sternum by turning 3 times clockwise and 3 times counterclockwise.
Kneading: as its name suggests, it is now a matter of gently kneading your breast, to boost blood circulation and nourish the breast. PERFECT BUTT + is a beauty milk for the buttocks. Its complex formula contains different active ingredients such as sweet almond oil and clove essential oil stimulate blood circulation.

PERFECT BUTT + is a beauty milk for the buttocks. Its complex formula contains different active ingredients such as sweet almond oil and clove essential oil stimulate blood circulation and allow a good hydration of the skin for a softer touch. The action of lemon essential oil coupled with a daily massage helps fight against cellulite and give a more beautiful appearance to your buttocks. We recommend regular buttock exercises to reinforce the action of this cream.

Ideally, a buttock massage should also be performed after the shower to take advantage of all the benefits of the cream and oils it contains. It is also important to know that regular buttock massage coupled with regular sports activity is the best way to eliminate cellulite. You will find below some anti-cellulite massage tips :

Anti-cellulite gestures n°1 the smoothing: go up from the ankles to the knees, then along the thigh (inner and outer side) to the hips and finally from the bottom of the buttocks to the top of the buttocks.

Anti-cellulite gesture n°2: Kneading: perform slow, deep kneading movements with both hands alternately, while simultaneously moving the fingers up and down from the ankles to the hips.

Anti-cellulite gestures n°3 the palpating-rolling: The palpating-rolling is done in 3 steps: 1 pinch, 2 take off, 3 roll. The gesture consists in taking a fold of skin with both hands, peeling it off with the thumbs and then rolling this fold like a wave, keeping the thumbs pressed under the skin fold and gradually moving the other fingers forward.

PERFECT PENIS + is a stimulating, invigorating and moisturizing care milk for men with ginger and white ginseng extracts.
Ginseng stimulates the erection while restoring vitality.
Ginger reinforces the aphrodisiac and revitalizing effect of ginseng.

Regular penis maintenance results in softer skin and a more toned penis for a stronger erection. There are other benefits from daily massage such as length gain and girth increase.

A few tips for a penis massage:

You should mainly massage the areas at the base of your penis.

To begin, when your sex is erect, you should gently massage the area behind your testicles with your fingers. You should massage to direct the blood flow to your penis and optimize blood flow to this area.

After this you should continue the massage by gradually moving your fingers towards the base of your penis for about 2 minutes, and then massage the base of your testicles.

Continue the massage by gradually approaching the base of your penis again, then massage the lower part of your penis before moving up towards your glans, stopping halfway up, massaging the sides of your penis, then the lower and upper part, while continuing to move your fingers towards your glans.

Each massage should last about 3-4 minutes and you should feel the blood circulating better in your genitals after a minute or two.

Repeat the massage in order to optimize the effects of the massage, you should perform it 4-5 times per session using the same techniques, and each massage should last approximately 3-4 minutes.

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