Taboo massage candle for a carnal moment for two

18 May 2022

You want an intimate moment filled with sensuality and thrills. Don't wait any longer and opt for the massage candle! Take advantage of the candlelight atmosphere to enhance your partner's desire.
The rules of the game are simple, light your massage candle, install your partner in a comfortable place where he can lie down. Start with some sensual caresses and kisses to prepare the ground, do not forget that the pleasure must rise little by little. Once the oil has become liquid, pour it into the palm of your hand, this allows you to control the temperature of the massage candle and to better distribute the melted oil over the body. For the rest you will have to use your massaging skills! Practice a soft massage for men and a little more tonic for women, of course listen to your partner to capture his pleasure!
Attention the back is not the only part of the body that deserves a massage! Don't hesitate to explore every part of your partner's body to discover places of unsuspected pleasure... the massage is an opportunity to walk along your partner's curves to awaken his sensations, his excitement and make the skin more receptive to contact.
Choose a quality massage candle with a pleasant aphrodisiac and bewitching scent... the scent is very important because it will perfume the room your partner's body as well as your sheets, so it is essential that the scent pleases both partners!
Discover for your sensual massages our Taboo massage candles made in France (Provence) with vegetable oils and French perfume from Grasse.

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