11 August 2021

Seduction is above all about pleasing. Seduction is achieved through several mechanisms such as the positive stimulation of the senses, or the natural connection between two people.

However, without really being able to explain it, some people are more attractive and make us want to seduce them in turn.

Pheromones function as transmitters that communicate a message to the receptors of surrounding people. A link has been established between the secretion of pheromones and the level of attractiveness.

It is therefore wise to add a pheromone boost to your seduction routine to perfect your assets.

Taboo pheromone for women is a body mist that intensely increases the seductive power of women thanks to its formula that promotes the production of female pheromones. The SensfeelTM for her technology developed by the Provital laboratory increases the production of pheromone in a natural way. Pheromones play a role in attraction and their production can make any woman irresistible. This neutral smelling body mist can be used alone or in addition to your usual perfume. Turn any perfume into a powerful filter.

Carob tree:

- Imitates the female pheromone "copulin

- Inspires passion in men

White jasmine:

- Increases testosterone levels in men

Taboo pheromone for men is a body mist specially formulated to increase the natural production of pheromones. Its unique formula contains the SensfeelTM ingredient developed by the Provital laboratory, which stimulates the synthesis of androstenedione, male pheromones. It modulates the production of pheromones through the synergistic action of secret ingredients. (Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of this new technology. )

Taboo pheromone is a concentrated mist with neutral scents that can easily accompany your usual perfume in a discreet way. For enhanced effects, use the mist with an aphrodisiac and sensual fragrance from the Taboo range.

Forskolin and theaflavins:

- Increase the production of male pheromones "androstadienone

- Improving attractiveness

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