22 Apr 2021

Since antiquity, perfume has been used for its virtues and has subsequently become a real asset for seduction and an olfactory identity.

Smell is one of the senses we use the most when we meet people. The smell of a person can attract us or on the contrary make us flee. It is therefore important to take care of our smell, especially when it comes to seduction.

The perfumes of attraction concentrate various aphrodisiac odors which make us irresistibly want to get physically closer to the people who attract us. It is a message received from a distance that allows us to capture the attention of receptive people.

In perfumery the aphrodisiac scents are the notes of vanilla, jasmine, musk, amber, patchouli and many others. All aphrodisiac perfumes concentrate several aphrodisiac notes subtly integrated to sublimate the perfume and the person who carries it.

Each of our fragrances contains carnal ingredients that evoke animality and sexuality. Erotic scents for men and women that awaken sexual impulses.

  • Taboo Libertin is a refined Eau de Toilette which finds its strength in its harmonious composition combining floral scents, warm citrus and wood notes. This sensual fragrance releases its enchanting aromas throughout the day and will very quickly become an essential seduction asset.

Notes : woody - oriental - balsamic - fresh

Scent Pyramid :

Head : Lemon, Bergamot, petit grain, cistus

Heart : Ylang, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Cinnamon, Thyme, Rosemary, Juniper

Base: Patchouli, Tobacco, Musk, Vanilla

  • Taboo Frivole is an eau de toilette inspired by the sweetness of love that invites you to experience a boundless romance. Created by French perfumers, Taboo Frivole is a balanced blend of sweet and sensual floral notes and erotic woody and amber notes. This fragrance reveals your femininity for a day of frivolity.

Note : fresh - floral - woody

Scent Pyramid

head: lemon/cassis/mandarin/cut grass

heart : lily of the valley/jasmine/pink/freesia/peach/apricot/apple

background : sandalwood/cedar/amber/white musk

  • Taboo Epicurien is a charismatic eau de toilette that expresses the masculinity and virility of the man who wears it. Dedicated to men who wish to evoke seduction, this bewitching eau de Toilette offers warm and vibrant notes of flowers that will transform into a magical scent of Amber and Musk intertwined with marine accords.

Notes : Fresh- spicy- citrus- amber

Scent Pyramids :

head : bergamot/rose berries/white melon

heart : sage/grapefruit/lily of the valley

background : patchouli/white musk/amber/mineral/marine accord

  • Taboo Espiègle is a sweet and sensual Eau de Toilette with a delicate and unique olfactory signature. Created to make women more and more desirable, this fragrance was created with subtle floral scents of Rose and Violet enriched with irresistible notes of Musk. A naughty, sparkling identity, resolutely playful and mischievous!

Notes : Chypre - floral - fruity - musk

Scent Pyramid :

head : pink berries/pink/bergamot

heart : white freesia/violet/cedar

background : patchouli/musc/benjoin

  • Taboo Equivoque is a mixed eau de Toilette made especially for men and women who want to express the romance of a long love story. A blend of apple and citrus, this fragrance will evolve to soft and floral notes to end on a woody nuance mixed with the erotic scent of Amber.

Notes : citrus - fruity - amber

Scent Pyramids :

head: green apple/cedar/lemon/jacinth

heart : jasmine/white rose

base: amber/musk/cedar wood

Taboo Domination is a sultry and sensual eau de parfum for a mysterious man, who reveals his power of seduction during an incandescent night.

This new fragrance brings a darker and more erotic dimension.

Notes : Woody - Spicy - Tobacco - Leathery

Scent Pyramids :

Top note: bergamot/spice/lemon essence

Heart note: sandalwood/cedarwood/jasmine

Base note: tobacco/leather/amber

  • Taboo Tentation, is an intense fragrance for a provocative and seductive woman, ready to be transported into a night of limitless temptation. Its warm and greedy notes of flowers and vanilla will boost your sexual and sensual side.

Notes : Floral - Powdery - Gourmand

Scent Pyramid :

Top note : pink berries/bigarade orange/almond

Heart note: jasmine/rose/heliotrope

Base note: vanilla/amber/musk

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