Nymphorgasmic: Optimizing feminine pleasure

Feb 2, 2024

Female pleasure is very often linked to the stimulation of the clitoris. A vector of strong sensations, the clitoris can be massaged during foreplay, the sexual act and even afterwards. Very strongly innervated, it is the trigger of feminine pleasure. The massages provide optimal stimulation offering more sensations and allowing to reach orgasm more quickly or in a more intense and repeated way.

Nymphorgasmic is a massage cream for clitoral stimulation. Made from natural ingredients, it lubricates the clitoris to make massage softer and more pleasant, and increases clitoral sensitivity to amplify sensations.

YLANG YLANG: A plant with sweet and sensual scents, the essential oil of Ylang Ylang has properties that help to stimulate women's libido. It helps to soothe and let go to let go of your senses and discover unique intimate moments.

CAMphor: Formerly used in traditional Chinese and Japanese pharmacopoeia, Camphor is recognized as an excellent tonic with analgesic and soothing properties. It will help to tone the clitoris and prepare the skin to avoid irritation due to friction.

Sensations of pleasure linked to the clitoris are an essential component of female orgasms. Nymphorgasmic cream will be a major ally in helping you feel pleasure and reach orgasm.

To be used alone or with several ...

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