Dec 12, 2023

Conquering Ecology: Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

In today's ever-changing world, it's our responsibility as luxury goods manufacturers to move decisively in a more environmentally-friendly direction. At RUF, we have decided to go beyond mere words by implementing an ever-stronger ecological commitment, because we believe in a future where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand.

100% Recycled and Recyclable Packaging: A Step Towards Sustainability

We are proud to announce that our commitment to the environment is reflected in the development of our new packaging. From now on, our packaging is made from 100% recycled and fully recyclable materials. This means that every time you choose a RUF product, you're helping to reduce plastic waste and preserve our precious resources.

Our approach goes beyond simply using recycled materials; we also seek to educate our customers about the importance of recycling. On every package, you'll find clear information on how to recycle correctly, because we believe in creating a community committed to preserving our planet.

Better waste and resource management

Sustainability isn't just about packaging. We have redesigned our production processes to minimize waste and maximize the responsible use of resources. From reducing superfluous packaging to optimizing water consumption, every stage of our production is meticulously studied to reduce our impact on the environment.

We are also committed to investing in more sustainable technologies and practices. As a French brand, we see the preservation of our beautiful earth as a shared responsibility, and every innovation we adopt is another step towards a cleaner, healthier world.

Made in France and Local: Supporting Our Local Economy

We believe in the strength of our local economy, which is why all our products continue to be made in France. Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing international transport, it also helps support our local communities by creating jobs and stimulating the economy.

By choosing RUF, you not only support a vision of sustainable beauty, you also become an agent of change. Together, we're building a future where elegance rhymes with responsibility.

A Greener Future, One Choice at a Time

At RUF, our commitment to the environment is not just a slogan, but a philosophy that guides our every action. Through 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, more responsible waste and resource management, and local manufacturing in France, we are determined to create a positive impact on the planet we all cherish.

Join us on this adventure towards a greener future, one choice at a time. Because beauty shouldn't cost our planet.

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