It was in 1975 when Pierre-Etienne RUF and Dominique RUF undertook the creation of a first company specializing in the writing of boof of seduction and sexual advice. They knew an immediat succes which offer them the possiblity to open the first meeting platform for singles in France.

Given the many letters and various sexual problems they were hearing about, the couple decided to offer its customers products that can remedy their problems. That's how was created the first aphrodisiac "DROP SEX".

After seven years of success, it is in 1982 that the story is implemented through a new company "RUF EROTIC".

A pioneer in aphrodisiac in France, their success quickly took on an international dimension with the conquest of many European countries. RUF EROTIC have the challenge to offer a range of aphrodisiac, cream and perfumes made in France by the best laboratories in order to guarantee to its customers the highest quality.RUF EROTIC success story has crossed continents and now the RUF brand is present in countries like China, Russia, Japan, or Turkey and throughout all Europe.   


RUF EROTIC has for objectif to offer products that deliver on their promises for a fulfilling sex life. For 30 years now RUF EROTIC is working in sexual well-being of its customers. Expert sexuality since 1982, RUF innovates and continually renews its formulas to always offer the best of its products and places at the center of development the customer satisfaction.  


100%  M A D E   I N   F R A N C E

We are proud to provide high quality intimate cosmetics that are 100% manufactured in France. Laboratories which are working with  RUF forover 30 years benefited from invaluable expertise in the field of cosmetics, food supplements and fragrances.

All fragrances are made exclusively in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, with renowned perfumers.